GooGoo - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch kids app


GooGoo iphone app - Peekaboo menu entry

A tail behind a fence, a fluffy animal behind a tree, even something in the water, but what is it? So few clues and only some sounds, will the baby know what it is hidding?


GooGoo iphone app - Jungle menu entry

Ready for an adventure?
This is the right place your kid should start.
He will meet a lot o furry friends and follow them in the jungle for a googoo fun! Lions, hippos, giraffes and others await your beloved baby to entertain him!


GooGoo iphone app - Seasons menu entry

Let your toddler discover all the seasons in a series of funny episodes.
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, all with wonderful animations and vivid colours.
Don't keep Santa waiting!


GooGoo iphone app - Farm menu entry

Here at the farm there are a lot of four-footed and two-legged friends
waiting for your kid to discover them and have fun together.